How to Find a Non-Fiction Book Agent: Book Proposals, Timelines, and more!

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1 Comment

  1. Vanessa Vieites

    August 28, 2021 at 1:20 am

    Hey there! Love your channel, especially your public health info/advice. I would love your take on something. So I have my PhD in Psychology (specialized in typical child development and minored in statistical methods for psychological research). I’m about to start a post doc at Rutgers, which is only a 1-3 year position, but I have been thinking about what I could do afterwards if I couldn’t get a job in academia. So I’ve been thinking about possibly venturing into the research side of public health (epidemiology, maybe certain biostats positions). I don’t have an MPH, unfortunately, but I did acquire many analytical, research, and writing skills during my PhD program. I’m thinking of getting a certificate in Population Health while I’m working at Rutgers (they would cover the cost since I’d be an employee of the university), which covers the fundamental areas of public health—epidemiology, biostatistics, and a few others. I’m also planning to earn an online certificate in statistical analysis for public health to hone and improve my stats skills. Do you think these efforts could help me find a job in public health, especially on the research side of things, even though I don’t have an MPH (though now I’m wishing I did!)? Thank you and I appreciate your advice!

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